The History of Cyclops Distribution

Behind every great product are creative minds that come together to develop something that is truly unique.  In 2008, Zack and Gary met one another thanks to a synergy in their professional lives.  Aside from both being business owners and entrepreneurs, Gary and Zack quickly discovered they had a great deal in common and shared similar interests.

Their wives share the same name, and their daughters share the same middle name among many other similarities in their lives.

By 2010 they had a solid professional relationship.

2010 is also when Zack discovered ecigarettes.  Having smoked 1 to 2 packs a day for over 15 years he was ready for an alternative.  Sampling the eliquids led him to investigate creating his own liquids.  After  a great deal of trial and error he hit on some fantastic blends that he continued to perfect, and shared them with Gary.

Being one to enjoy cigars, Gary was keen on trying something new and was instantly hooked on the quality of the eliquid Zack produced compared to other liquids they had both tried.  They both believed that the market lacked a quality product like this and was overrun with lesser-quality eliquids.

Other Vapers needed to try this.

The Birth of the Cyclops

They firmly believed their product was superior in quality to many other eliquids, and Gary was behind Zack 100%, helping him continue to perfect his flavors and research new eliquids.  Every product needs a name if you’re going to market it.

Like the uniqueness of their products, they sought a brand representation that was unique.  Something that avoided the common clichés in the ejuice market.  They turned inward to examine not just the product, but themselves, their passions, and their interests.

1 Giant.  1 Eye. Strength. Remarkable Skill. Intense Passion.

There was no better representation of their approach to crafting high quality eliquid than the Cyclops – a one eyed giant who crafted the perfect weapon for Zeus on Olympus.  It is a symbolic mixture of everything they bring to the product – personally and professionally.

They are Cyclops.

The Mission

While others focus on churning out a variety of flavors in order to attract the widest audience for the purpose of profit, we focus on the quality of the product itself.  That is why we limit our flavor offering and why our brand presence is steeped in Greek Mythology.

There is a finite number of Gods.  Each Deity is unique, bringing something remarkable to the pantheon.  We see our liquids the same way.  Each should be perfect.  A stunning flavor combination that is unique.  We’ll spend months painstakingly perfecting each eliquid flavor before even hinting that it’s being researched and developed.  Even after this process, we may not bring it to market.  We have discarded more flavors than we’ve accepted, even after months of work, because we believe that our customers deserve only the best.